Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Serious bug in Intellex Player - Timestamps are wrong on Windows 7

I have discovered a serious bug in Intellex Player (Sensormatic/Tyco) - The timestamps are wrong on Windows 7.

Intellex player is for those IMG video files. The timestamp is an optional overlay on the video at playback time - its not encoded into the frame. If you play the files on an XP machine, the times seem to be correct. If you play back, using the same version of Intellex Player, on a Windows 7 box, the times are 1 hour out.

I've spent some time investigating. I don't believe this is a summertime/wintertime issue. And it does affect every version of Intellex player I have, which includes v3.1.43, v4.0.23.196, v4.20 and v4.30.33.146.

If you have video in IMG Intellex format, I recommend you only watch it on an XP machine.

UPDATE: American Dynamics have told me this issue is now fixed in the latest version of Intellex. The download link is: Intellex 5.0.2