Wednesday, 28 May 2014

CCTV Formats - The Mystery Filetypes

Our Online Vid-ID Tool has been running now for over 2 years and has been used thousands of times by police around the world. Every now and again, someone enters a file type that the system doesn't have data on. When this happens, I get an email and usually a few minutes googling or checking forums like DME Resources or the FVA mailing lists can uncover information - I then add this to the Vid-ID database. Sometimes though I draw a blank. Here are some of the filetypes I have been unable to identify:

Unknown DVR video file extensions:

If you can help identify anything about these video file formats (DVR manufacturer, make/model, player software, or any other clues), you'll be helping the whole law enforcement community. Please email TechSupport @ or leave a comment below.