Wednesday, 28 May 2014

CCTV Formats - The Mystery Filetypes

Our Online Vid-ID Tool has been running now for over 2 years and has been used thousands of times by police around the world. Every now and again, someone enters a file type that the system doesn't have data on. When this happens, I get an email and usually a few minutes googling or checking forums like DME Resources or the FVA mailing lists can uncover information - I then add this to the Vid-ID database. Sometimes though I draw a blank. Here are some of the filetypes I have been unable to identify:

Unknown DVR video file extensions:

If you can help identify anything about these video file formats (DVR manufacturer, make/model, player software, or any other clues), you'll be helping the whole law enforcement community. Please email TechSupport @ or leave a comment below.


  1. Hi! The *rmi and *.rms files are Rifatron DVR video file formats, and you can play these with the Player from the Rifatron's webpage:

    1. Not sure if this is still an open issue, but the latest versions of ffmpeg will read .rmi video data correctly if you force it with "-f h264"...

  2. .stream is from avtech dvr, you will find tools to read them here ->

  3. .sv4 is used by Jovision and some Winbook PCI security cam cards. Download software, media player pluging for Windows Media can be found at Have used NCH's Prism to convert to wmv and mp4 successfully.

  4. .stw is Samsung TechWin format.